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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

Siants and Martyrs

The Saints Are With Us

Brett Manero By Brett Manero

“Why do you pray to the saints?  Why are the saints so important in the Catholic Church?”  This is another common question that we hear from non-Catholics.  The saints seem to be everywhere in the Catholic Church–in our stained-glass windows, our walls, and we even adopt the name of a saint at...

St. Mary's Church

How Do We Evangelize Everyday?

Brett Manero By Brett Manero

A kind word. A smile. A random and simple, yet powerful act of love. An invitation to a church event. An invitation to Mass or to pray the Rosary. A common phrase such as, “God bless you,” or a question like, “Have you ever read the Catechism of the Catholic Church?” Or perhaps, when...

Mary, Queen of the Rosary

Why do Catholics Pray the Rosary?

Brett Manero By Brett Manero

“Why do you pray the Rosary?  Why do you repeat the Hail Mary over and over again?  Doesn’t it get boring?”  These are common questions to the Catholic practice of praying the Rosary- probably the most popular and powerful Catholic prayer after the Mass.  To non-Catholics (and even many...