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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

The Readings of Mass: An Apologetics Course

Apr 18, 2016

Did you ever consider why the Church takes the time after Easter to focus on Acts, The Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation on Sundays?

To me the Church is taking this time to make that case that the Catholic church is the true Church of Christ founded by Jesus Christ. An Apologetics Course.

So when we read Acts of the Apostles we follow the trials and tribulations of the early followers of Christ. How did 120 become 1 billion? Acts lays the foundation. The arguments about who should be included and how.  That is why today in Acts we read of Peter associating with gentiles, something forbidden by Jewish Law, but God gives him a vision to say that it is okay;  all are welcome.

It is worth noting that when the persecutions came, the dispersion out from Jerusalem followed, where the disciples made many converts.

Acts ends with Paul and Peter being in Rome, where both were martyred;  but the expansion and the trials of the church did not end there.  This continued for many years and through many heresies;  many focus on who is Jesus?  Man? God? Both?

We also focus on the  Gospel of John, affirming the divinity of Christ, and the Eucharist.  Last week we read John 6, emphasizing the real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

The Gospel of John also reminds of us of why Jesus had to become man;  because God can not die, only as a man could Jesus suffer and die for our salvation.

Today’s Gospel reading speaks of Jesus as the Good Shepherd;  not only does he guide and shepherd his flock, but we are reminded that the only way to reach God the Father is through Jesus,  Jesus asks us to get to know him, so when he calls we will recognize his voice.  This can only be done through the scriptures and the Mass.

On Sunday, and in the Office of Readings we hear from the book of Revelation.  Revelation reminds us that the Church will have to struggle and fight on earth, but Christ will be the eventual victor over Satan and death.  And this struggle between good and evil has been going on since Satan revolted against God, and continues until the end of the present world. If we choose evil  we will face the wrath of God.

So again, the Church in her wisdom builds on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death and resurrection to teach the whole world that Jesus died for all, and all are welcome in heaven, but Jesus is the vehicle for getting there, Jesus and His Church.

So take this Easter time to understand your faith in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Meditate on the Gospel of John;  travel with the disciples, especially Peter and Paul as they spread the Good news; and contemplate the many mysteries and teachings in the Book of Revelation, ending with the wedding feast of the Lamb in Heaven.

May God bless and guide you on your journey.