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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

Pastor's Notes - Baptism of the Lord

Jan 13, 2016

This week’s celebration of the Baptism of our Lord calls to mind the importance of that great sacrament in each of our lives. It is the initiator of grace that brought us into the family of God, enabling us, as Paul so beautifully says, to call God “abba,” or father. I always urge parents and godparents to remind their children what day they are baptized on, as it is, in the long run, a more important day to celebrate than even their birthday. Mine is coming up in just over a week. What about yours?

And speaking of baptisms and the celebration of them here at St. Thomas More, I would remind you that the baptismal font at the entrance of the church sanctuary is the site of sacred celebrations, deserving of reverence and respect. Just as one wouldn’t think of leaning on the altar, let alone sitting on it, we need to remember that the baptismal font is not a convenient piece of church furniture. You will notice we are placing signage on the font to reflect this and asking ushers to encourage people to not use it for a resting place. Don’t get upset at the ushers if they correct you. They are just doing their jobs. Perhaps it can be another reminder of the unique nature of what happens at that font and why it stands out in its importance.

Next weekend we have a special opportunity to stand up for life here in Colorado as we participate next Saturday in the annual Respect Life Mass and March down at the Cathedral and then at the State Capitol. Come join us and hundreds (can we hope – thousands) of others who pray and speak out for those who are the most vulnerable amongst us and who often go unheard. Pray for an end to the scourge of abortion in our society. And prepare yourselves for another year of legislative maneuvering trying to bring about euthanasia in our state, and all the accompanying evils it will usher in.

Finally, in just under four months the Catholic Biblical School’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land will be taking place, May 25–June 4. It is not too late to sign up to join in this journey to the sites of our Lord’s life, death and resurrection. It is open to all, whether you have been a member of the Biblical School program or just always wanted to see the holy sites. Please note the information about the trip on page 7 of this bulletin to learn more about how to come along.

– Msgr. Tom