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St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

Finding and Sharing the Truth of Christ

May 9, 2016

In the first reading from Acts we discover an interesting fact.  Paul goes from Corinth, which is in Greece, and goes to Ephesus, which is in Turkey.  He finds that he has been preceded by John the Baptist, preparing the Way for the coming of Jesus.  I have read Acts many times;  this is the first time I noticed the part about John the Baptist being in Ephesus.I have never considered that John the Baptist would have traveled that far from Israel to spread the coming Good News.  But apparently he did, and his message had an impact.  But more importantly, there is always something to be discovered in Scripture.

But even though the Word about Jesus has spread they still did not have the full truth.  As Paul discovers, there was still work to be done.

I think we find the same thing today;  many have a partial truth about Jesus and the faith;  we can help them, in fact we are called to do so.

Of course we must be prepared, but if we are not confident of our knowledge there are many opportunities to learn.  Consider the Biblical School, and the other courses offered at the JP II Center.  We are also blessed to have the Augustine Institute near by.  And as Jesus reminds his disciples, the Holy Spirit will guide them to the full Truth.  That offer stands to this day.

Jesus also knows that we are weak and that we will fail from time to time,  Just as his Disciples deserted him at Calvary.  But the Holy Spirit gave them, and will give us, the necessary courage and wisdom to carry on.  However, once we have fully educated someone in the Truth and The Way, we must have the confidence in them to leave them and move on to the next challenge.  This is both an Act of humility and faith. This is not our Church, but rather the Church of Christ.  We are all equal members of the faith, the  Body of Christ, and all  must be treated as such.  Jesus will sort out the false prophets.

In the Gospel Jesus tells his disciples they will find peace in Christ.  We probably wonder at times "what Peace,?"  since Jesus and the Church has so many enemies, both then and now. How does one find peace in a hostile environment?

In the following manner; It is not enough to have good will toward Jesus; and just not to oppose him.  No, you must go further; you must have the determination to stand with Jesus regardless of the consequences.  I suspect we all know people who say they love Jesus and claim to be his followers;  however, they do not follow all the teachings of  Jesus, only those which are not too difficult. And when the situation gets difficult, they quit. That is what is meant by the determination to follow Jesus at all times.

So the first thing one must do is to find out what Jesus wants.  That is the true foundation for finding peace in Christ.  The best way to find out what Jesus wants and expects of us is through the Scriptures  and the catechism.  All the answers are there.

Then because Jesus never promised that this would be an easy journey we must be willing to take up our cross joyfully and follow him.

Then we will have true Peace in Christ,  with  the determination to do the will of Christ and then joyfully accept whatever Cross we have been given.

May God bless you always!